Daily Menu and Offerings!

Staying connected during remote learning, we still manage to build and share community, laughter, hopes & more.

Each week we host daily  ways to connect, unwind, meet up with friends and more!

Monthly sessions open to all students to explore new ideas, build connections and community.

Learn with the 580 THRIVE Cohort focusing on your professional goals. Applications accepted through Nov 29th

Step out of the busy-ness of the day and spend some time focusing and relaxing with music, pets, mindfulness and more!

Weekly lunch conversations with UCLA graduates, and 580 friends to share about life after UCLA!

Study  Zone and Meet-up sessions weekly to provide a space and people to check in- catch up and work together!

Share your favorite recipe from home or the web! Each week we try new things and have fun baking, stirring and cooking up a good time!

Grab some food and join in our 580 Zoom Dining Room! We share a meal together every month on the 3rd Monday- and if you need food- we provide a meal for you! 

Artful Conversations with The Hammer Museum to bring some beauty to our conversations on justice and peace. 2nd Thursdays each month.

Hang out, unwind, chill with Late Night- games, conversation, ways to unplug from the challenges and stress of studies and life!

Art & Soul brings out our inner artist in shared space where we open opportunities to engage our creativity with each other to build community well being!

Craft Circle! Grab your favorite hand-craft and join us as we share what we are working on, learn new skills, and practice being present in the moment together to unwind and recharge!