Virtual 580 Café

An online community  dedicated to building justice
through dialogue, creative expression, belief and activism

The 580 Café Experience

In 2010, 580 Café opened our doors and space for students to build collective care and share food, conversation and activism.  In our ten years of  activity and community, the "580" has become a place for students to express and engage their worldviews, ideas, activism and creativity.  Students design, lead and coordinate our daily, weekly and special gatherings.   
In March 2020,  580 Café  became  "Virtual 580 Café "  to care for our Mind -Body-Spirit during the global pandemic. We continue to connect online to nourish your head, heart and spirit in our new reality of physical distancing and remote learning.
Our weekly programs  and gatherings provide ways for students to create, hold and find brave space to  share in collective learning, dialogue,  and relaxation  together. 
Take a break and find space to step outside the busy-ness of studies and work. Check out our "Daily Menu" for current offerings!
                                       580 Café is an Immigrant Welcoming and Reconciling Community.  
    580 Café is an initiative of Wesley Foundation Serving UCLA, a registered 501c3 Not-for-Profit

Daily Menu!

Online Hours   Spring 2021

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09:00am – 01:00pm

07:00pm – 11:00pm


09:00am – 01:00pm

06:00pm – 11:00pm


09:00am – 01:00pm

07:00pm – 11:00am


09:00am – 01:00pm

06:00pm – 08:00pm


09:00am – 01:00pm

07:00pm – 09:00pm




07:00pm – 08:30pm


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